Behavior Questions

Behavior Questions

Everybody is different. For the most part that is a statement that everyone can agree on. Now, there are some of us that have similar traits about us and we seem to get along with others better than some. Then there are some of us, who just can’t seem to get along at all. Have you ever really wondered why? Why do some of us get along better with others?

I have another question for you. What is behavior? Behavior can be defined as the way one acts or conducts themselves, especially towards others. Can behavior affect how others get along? Does behavior have anything to do with how we treat, interact or socialize with each other?

Now that I have you thinking about the concept of behavior, how is your behavior? How do you get along with others? Do you find that it’s difficult for you in a certain situation? Are you struggling to get along with people in your life, especially ones closest to you? Do you find that your good and bad days tend to turn into good and bad moments?

These are questions either you no doubt have thought of or seeing them in print has now triggered you to actually think about them. At some point, all or any one of those questions or thoughts have come up in everybody’s train of thought. I know they have come up in mine and I have struggled with coming up with answers to them. If I think about it, I truly not only wanted answers but a  way to try to work or fix the problems that were at hand. 

What if I told you that our behaviors, how we are as a person, has a great effect on how we function from day to day? Some of you, probably most of you would probably agree. No doubt, the way we do things or how we are wired can greatly affect our day to day and how we get along with those that are in our day to day. 

The funny thing that I think about when it comes to behaviors, a lot of times when you search for information on it, usually you might have results that all deal with behavior strategies for children. Being that I am in education, I love the thought of that, but I realize that as adults we need just as much help (maybe more sometimes) than children. 

So why all this talk about behavior? Because it’s important, that’ s why. We are in a new year and it probably would be good for us to start thinking about why we do the things we do. I’m not just talking about taking a short glimpse at it either, I mean really think and meditate on your behaviors. What makes you basically you. Well, you are probably thinking, how am I going to do that? Start by thinking about some of these questions;

  1. How do you view yourself?
  2. Are you an outgoing person or do you like to keep to yourself?
  3. How do you respond to work?
  4. Do you jump on the job, think it through first, or procrastinate to the last minute?
  5. What type of people do you like working with or would you rather work by yourself?
  6. Who do you currently work with that you enjoy being around and why?
  7. Who do you currently work with that drives you up the wall and why?
  8. Generally, how do you go about solving your problems?
  9. At what point do you take the time to sit down and solve your problems?
  10. What is your usual method or thought process on solving problems?
  11. How is your relationship with your significant other?
  12. Why do you think your relationship is currently that way?
  13. Would your significant other agree with you or respond differently?
  14. How is your relationship with your children?
  15. Why do you think your relationship is currently that way?
  16. Would your children agree with you or respond differently? 
  17. How is your relationship with yourself?
  18. Do you have a relationship with yourself?
  19. Do you really know who you are as a person?
  20. Who are you?

Now obviously there might be some questions that may not apply to you depending on your current situation. But there has to be some in there that you may really need to think about when analyzing your current behavior. All of those questions are important, but for me, the last question is probably my most favorite and the one that is the most important. I dare to say (and this includes me) that most of us don’t have an honest in-depth answer to question 20. This means, that if someone asked that question to us, our answer would either give the bare minimum of who we are or we really wouldn’t know how to answer at all.

Being that we have a brand new year ahead of us, the time is now to really analyze ourselves to see how our behaviors are affecting our lives. Probably a lot of us have set goals and resolutions and we haven’t even looked at ourselves as individuals and our relationships with others to even figure out what our goals and resolutions should be. 

So take the time to think about some or all of these questions. The answers might very well help you on your journey this year.  


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