Transform Your Thoughts

Transform Your Thoughts

I have a question for you, have you been transformed? No, I’m not talking about transformers (even though I love those guys). But, have you transformed your mind while you are on your journey? Have you made a shift or a transformation in your thinking to help support your efforts? Why is transforming your thinking important to your success? Let’s discuss this for March’s Monthly Motivation.  

We all want to be successful and hopefully, as this year progresses, if we have not already, I hope we start to see some sort of success. But your success is only going to be temporary if you have not made some sort of transformation or shift in your life, especially with your thinking. What do we mean by transformation? Transformation can have several meanings depending on the context but for our sake, we will say that transformation ‘is to change a thing into a different thing ’. Let’s say change a thought to another thought, a better thought. 

For most things in life, if we want to accomplish something, we have to have some sort of vision or plan to go along with it. I am sure you would agree that a vision mostly definitely will help you in accomplishing a goal. But, along with that vision, what you think about the vision is equally important. What you think about yourself is important. 

Let’s take the basic task of losing weight. Now, I am by no means saying that losing weight is easy, as a matter of fact, it can be one of the hardest things some may ever have to do it. What would you say are some of the first things one would need to put in place to begin their weight loss journey? You might say, that starting some sort of exercise regimen would be important along with making some dietary changes as far as what one eats. 

Most would agree that diet and exercise are two of the most important resources to assist with any weight loss journey. But, does your mind or the thoughts in your mind play a part in the weight loss journey as well? Will, what you tell yourself about losing weight affect your efforts at all? Well, let’s take Sally for example. Sally Sue and Sally Lue. Both have laid out great plans for their diet and exercise. Both are going to the gym, both have made adjustments in their diets and have become more conscious of what they are eating. So, why is Sally Sue more successful than Sally Lue? 

You see Sally Sue thought ahead of time of what could be potentially causing her to continue to gain weight. She realized that she uses food as a comfort to deal with several life difficulties and mishaps that she has been having to overcome. She has identified that her outlook about herself is not the best and started to come up with a plan to better her self esteem. On top of weight loss, Sally Sue has started to have conversations with herself, getting to know who she really is. She has started developing a growth mindset and has told herself that she is going to be successful, no matter how long it takes. Sally Sue is not just concerned with a number on the scale or with comparing herself to others, but she is concerned with her overall health. She reminds herself of this every day and night and celebrates a health victory, even if it seems small. Her thoughts are positive and supportive

Sally Lue, on the other hand, has no idea why she is losing weight and she really doesn’t care. She just knows that she wants to look like all the other girls on Instagram. She has not identified potential issues that could be hindering her weight loss, she just knows that she wants to be skinny. Even though she joined the gym, she is not consistent because she tells herself it’s not going to work. She thinks I’m not good at working out. So, she searches for the quickest way to lose weight since she believes that she is not capable of losing weight the good old fashioned way. Her thoughts are negative and unsupportive

Need I say any more? Who do you think is going to be more successful in the long run? Now, don’t get me wrong, Sally Lue just might lose some weight. At first, she may look like she is doing way better than Sally Sue, but remember that word we mentioned earlier? Temporary. Sally Lue has not transformed or made a shift in her thinking to support her overall success. So while to the outside at first Sally Lue seems like she’s got it going on, she will not be able to sustain. Her thinking is not in line with her goal. And quite frankly, she doesn’t even have a clear goal to be in line with.

So, am I, are you Sally Lue? Let’s ask ourselves some questions to think about;

  • Have we really identified the things that are necessary to support our vision?  
  • How do we see ourselves? 
  • What do we tell ourselves about ourselves on a daily basis? 
  • When you are alone with your thoughts, what do you think or do you not allow yourself to be alone with your thoughts because you are scared to know what you might think?
  • Are you your biggest supporter or your biggest critic?

What we do is important, but I would dare say that what we think is of far greater importance. Don’t believe me. How many times have you seen someone do something crazy and you thought, what were they thinking? You know you have said that in your mind or even out loud. Why? Because we don’t realize it but we naturally associate one’s actions with their thoughts. 

That thought is true. What we think becomes what we do. Our thoughts turn into our actions. Simple and true. 

So, for March really ask yourself, what are the thoughts that I fill my head with each and every day? What do I tell myself about me? How could my thoughts either be helping me or hindering me from accomplishing my vision? 

As you go through this Motivational Month of March, be intuned with your thoughts. Transform your thoughts. 

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