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Things I Learned From Moving

For the last couple of weeks, my life has been going through a whirlwind. You see, we decided to get another house therefore, the last couple of weeks has been us going through a big move.

Moving is never easy and I knew that it wouldn’t be. But still, the move seemed and still seems to be a whole lot harder than I thought it would be. I have ended up learning some things that I didn’t know before.


Moving, Learned

I might be somewhat of a hoarder

Saturday nights and you could find me watching Hoarders intently as I shake my head earnestly trying to figure out why these people still had all this stuff. Now I shake my head at myself.

Since we have moved, I have gotten rid of more stuff that I didn’t even remember that I had or decided to keep. I was shocked by the amount of stuff that I have kept. Living in a house means you accumulate several things, things as to which you probably can get rid of.

When you move, you find all the stuff that you stuck in different places in your house. Whether that be in closets, on the top of shelves or even in your storage. Things that you put out of sight, out of mind. I learned that it is better to start going through your house and doing a declutter regularly. In fact, if you do a major declutter and throw away, sell or donate things that you don’t want, you probably won’t have to do a major one, just maintain.

What am I doing now to help me: Still decluttering and reading The Life-Changing Majic of Tidying Up. If it doesn’t make me happy-I’m getting rid of it.

I am not the same person that I was years ago

When we moved into our other house over 13 years ago, we were younger and had more time and energy to get things done. Years later, it has become harder for us to do all the things that we used to do.

I’m not saying that we can’t lift furniture and pack up a room, but at this point, the question is do we want to? Years ago, we didn’t work the time-consuming jobs we have now, our kids didn’t have as many activities and let’s be honest, we just had more energy.

Even though I don’t plan on moving from this house, you never know what may happen. So, in the rare instance that we decide to move again, I have decided that we will be getting (paying) for help.

When others first asked me would we be hiring movers, I thought that people with extra coins did that and that would not be us. I have since learned a lesson. At this point in my life, any help (even if it is paid for) is so worth it.

It ended up that we were so tired and worn out, we couldn’t enjoy the house when we moved. I had worn my body down and became sick to where I had to miss work and go to the doctor. Being worn out and sick doesn’t amount to you enjoying a new house (take my word for it).

What will I do next time: Hire help. Next time (if there is one) I will budget for moving help, to help us pack up and move. There is nothing wrong with admitting that you just can’t do it all anymore.

Moving takes time

I stupidly thought that once we moved into our new house and unpacked all the boxes, that this was it and we were going to be settled. Wrong.

We’ve been in our new house for a couple of weeks and we’re still going through stuff. Moving is a complete process and if you’re a family, meaning several people moved together, that’s a whole other story. If everyone is busy with work, school and other activities, it makes it harder.

My mom graciously told me not to worry about, that it was going to take me time. Boy, she was right. I was so (and still am) mad at myself for not having everything done within a short time frame. The truth is, it just wasn’t (and isn’t) possible. I stopped being so hard on myself and started tackling little things at a time.

By taking my time, I have been able to really go through what we have and, get rid of stuff we don’t want and make our new house function the way that I want.

What I am okay with: I am in no rush to get my house fully organized. It will happen.

People come through when you really need them

As mentioned above, I will never do a major move like this again without hiring professional help. With that being said, we had some amazing family and friends come through and help us tremendously.

We when did our actual big move, we did it on a Friday, my husband and I took off. Since we had a limited time frame to get everything out of our other house, we had to start on a weekday. But, by starting on a weekday, it meant that we were not going to have a whole lot of help.

For hours, it was just my husband and me doing what we could and driving back and forth between houses. We were getting really exhausted doing this all by ourselves and while I did what I could to help my husband with moving heavier items, there was only so much that I could do.

Family and friends knew that we were moving and started to come one by one. Even if they couldn’t stay long, at least they came and helped. They took up almost their whole weekend to help us and it was very much appreciated. I can’t explain how good it feels when you know that you have people that don’t mind helping you in any way possible.

Be grateful for the people that come through when you need them.

Those are just a few things that I learned. There is so much more. Moving and the adjustment that we are making will definitely be a continual topic.

What have you learned for your own personal move? Share your comments down below.

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