Summer Regrets

Summer Regrets

Summer. Summer is the time when people take off from work, go on vacations and spend more time with their family. Summer time is when there is more daylight outside and the temperature beckons you to spend more time outdoors.

Sadly, summer is almost over. It seems that as soon as it comes, it leaves us even quicker.

But, what happens when summer is over and you look back on it, with some regret? Well, I definitely have some summer regrets for this year. Being that I work in Education, I have a good amount of time that I have off during the summer. You would think that I would use this time wisely. Well, this year I didn’t, so much so that I am now looking back on my summer with some regrets. I want to share with you three of my main summer regrets in hopes that next summer, you won’t make the same mistakes that I did.


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Learn the 3 things I regret doing this summer that you should not do.

Lack Of Planning

Every summer my family goes on our major vacation, to the beach. Our favorite beach hot spot? Florida. I absolutely love everything about Florida and I have come to look forward to our trips there every year. This year was no exception. We planned early in the year and we went with family this year, which was a great experience. Overall, we had a wonderful time and we can’t wait to go back.

So what’s the regret that I have? That was it. We went nowhere else for the rest of the summer. We went to Florida early in the summer, like a week or two after school was out. But, once again,  that was it. We literally did not plan any other family trips, vacations (mini-vacations), nothing. Now that summer is over, I realized that we put all of our excitement in one vacation.  While it was great and I am grateful for being able to at least do that, we spent the rest of the summer not doing a whole lot.

Lesson Learned: When planning your summer, have more than one thing planned. One vacation may be all that you can afford, but try to plan some day or weekend getaways, to keep yourself and your family entertained this summer. Even if you plan things at your house, have several things planned to do throughout the summer, not just at the beginning or at the end. In that way, you can look back at your summer feeling satisfied that you were able to do several different things (even if they are small things) throughout the summer.


No Summer Activities for the Kids

Last summer my youngest son constantly complained that I had him doing a whole lot throughout the summer. Now, I will admit that I had him do a lot, but it was not nearly as bad as he made it sound. I had placed him in different activities throughout the summer such as, swimming, basketball, baseball, etc. Why did I keep him busy last summer? Because I know that if you don’t give kids things to do, they usually end up getting in trouble or in my son’s case, doing nothing but sitting around.

Needless to say, I didn’t want to hear it this year, so I did not place him in any type of summer sports this year. So, what happened? My worst nightmare. He spent the majority of his summer sitting up planning video games (Fortnite to be exact) and I am hitting myself in the head for it. This kind of goes back to my first point of a lack of planning. By not involving him in any summer activities, he really did not get out and get any exercise, nor did he do anything fun or have a whole lot of memorable moments from this summer. There were plenty of days that he was just plain bored.

Lesson Learned: Make sure if you have kids that will be at home during the summer, that you have activities planned for them to do during the summer. Place them in summer sports, Library book clubs, kids camps or whatever is offered in your area. Don’t let your kids just sit up at the house the whole summer without keep them busy. Try to fit in a variety of different things, including physical and academic activities. By doing this, you will ensure that your kids stay active and even if they complain, in the end, they will still appreciate it.


No Summer Projects

My husband will tell you, if there’s a project, I will find it. I love having different projects around the house to keep up with. I love trying to refurbish old furniture, repainting walls or organizing an area in my house. These are all projects that I have previously done and that I like doing. But, for some reason this year, I did not have any projects laid out for myself this year. Now that summer is over, I look around and can see several things that I could have taken care of during the summer time.

Lesson Learned: Sit down and make a list of things that you would like to see done that you could probably work on while your off and/or while there is more daylight. Narrow that list down (or try to tackle them all) when summer time comes. When summer is over, you will have a sense of accomplishment over the projects that you got completed.

What to Do Different

So, I can’t change the past, so what are some ideas that I will try to implement next year to have a better planned summer?

  • Plan various family oriented activities to do throughout the summer
  • Make the best of weekends when all the family may be at home
  • Plan to have summer activities planned for younger ones that are at home
  • List and then pick projects that I want to complete during the summer
  • Save money throughout the year to have some additional summer spending money
  • Plan things to do at home and invite others (kids sleep overs, BBQ, game nights)


Now, that summer is over, I have definitely learned my lesson and will not have the same regrets next summer. How about you? Was your summer everything you hoped for, or do you have some regrets? Share your thoughts down below.



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