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Patience, Resilience, Gratitude

It’s hot. We have a virus and its summer. Welcome to July.

We are 7 months into this year and man oh man if you would have told me this was what this year was going to currently look like, I would have blatantly laughed in your face. I would have looked at you as if you were crazy. I would have told you that this was going to be hands down the best year ever. Oh, the memories….

Well, while it hasn’t necessarily been the best year ever it hasn’t been the worst and I guess for that we can be thankful. These 7 months have taught us a lot about patience, resilience, and having gratitude. If you haven’t been affected by one of those attributes, please take a moment to pause and really think about where those things currently fit in your life. 


Sometimes we never truly understand the meaning of a word until it slaps us in the face. Literally. I have never seen such a demonstration of patience (and non-patience) in my days. This year has taught me that patience is real and that it is a term that most of us think we have down packed but in reality, we don’t. We don’t have a clue what patience means. I used to think that patience was waiting in the Whataburger line for 15 minutes for a hot chicken sandwich meal and fries. I never thought about patience in the sense that you have to wait on EVERYTHING. Waiting to get into a Sam’s Club store, in line with several other people. Mind you, it’s not even Black Friday. Waiting until the next day to get something from the store because they are now closing up at earlier times. Who would have known that we would be spoiled by 24-hour stores?  Waiting to see family and friends. Waiting for people to learn how to use Zoom properly so you won’t be getting a close up on their face and listening to them complain about the other person because their mute button is not on. 

I thought I was a patient person but clearly I had no true idea of what that really means. Patience is having a waiting attitude. Especially when it is something that you are used to getting. Whenever, wherever. 


Being resilient wasn’t something that I thought about, honestly. I just knew that when you get down, you have to try to get back up. Sometimes I wasn’t good at getting right back up, but I did what I could to get back to where I needed to be. But resilience is so much more than that. Resilience involves who we are personally, emotionally. Who we are at the core. It involves us being strong enough mentally and emotionally to get back up. Then on top of that, when we get up, currently it is not too ideal situations. So that is taking a shot at us again. I have always admired truly resilient people. You know the people that get back up time and again and persist on no matter what comes up against them. I have admired them and honestly, sometimes I thought they were just pure crazy. But, in these past 7 months, a lot of us have really had to learn the heartache and the power of being resilient. There is no way we can go through what we have gone through thus far and continue to go through it without having some form of resilience. 


Being grateful has always been a favorite topic of mine. I talked about it in last month’s motivational post. Just for the simple fact that it is something so simple, that doesn’t cost us anything but it can add so much wealth to our life. Well, since this pandemic started and we have been forced to part with things we did on a daily, it showed me that my gratitude game was lacking. When you are forced to change and let go of basic things such as gatherings, cookouts, going to the store when you want, going out to eat, working out at the gym, being in a building with a bunch of people, you start to look at things a little differently. I have always heard the expression to be thankful for the little things, but I guess I never really knew what all the little things were. Did you? Now I’m forced to think that the little things were actually big things and vice versa. No doubt, if you’re like me, there are a lot of things you currently miss. Even if you have resumed doing certain things, they probably are not exactly the same way that you were doing them before this all started. So we are left with memories of times when things were more normal, per se, wishing we could go back. Wishing we have more appreciation for those things while we were doing them. 

So for this month’s motivational post, take the time to think about those 3 qualities. Patience, resilience, and gratitude. 

How has this pandemic changed how patient you are? With yourself and with others?

Has this made you a more resilient person? Do you recognize reliance more in others, especially those who serve?

What are you truly grateful for? Has your gratefulness increased this year? How can you show more gratitude?

Ask yourself those questions, really think about the answers, and see how you can apply these 3 attributes more in your life. 


Have an essential July. 

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