Now is the Time for Self-Care

During this time of self-isolating, self-care is important. Really, self-care is important all the time. It should be something that we are incorporating into our life on a regular basis.  If you have never looked into doing a self-care routine, now might be the best time ever.


Why should you engage in self-care? Because it’s good for you, that’s why. Self-care is good for helping us to have a positive relationship with ourselves. It also helps us manage our health and levels of stress. Our mental health and emotional health are protected when we practice self-care. If we choose to practice self-care during some much needed alone time, it can help us quiet our thoughts, reflect, and spend some time meditating.

Too Hard

Self-care does not have to be some drawn-out long process. I have found for myself that if I make any type of self-care to complicated, your girl is probably not going to do it. If I do, then it probably won’t be consistent. So when looking at self-care routines, consider doing one that you would be willing to put into a regular practice.  You could also consider doing multiple routines, switching them out by the week, or by how you feel.

The overall point is to develop a routine that helps keep you running at your best possible. We all need some downtime. Time to reflect, time to wind down. If we never take this time, we are doing ourselves an injustice. Trust me, there are probably plenty of other things that you do that we probably could consider as hard, but you do them. Self-care is as simple as you make it to be, not hard at all.

Who Got Time for That

I know taking time out for one’s self is easier said than done. We are all so busy. But with the slowing down that we have had as of recent, this should give us time to think about dedicating some time for us. We have to remember that we cannot give from what we don’t have. So, if there is anyone good thing that can come out of this whole self-isolation/life slowing down, is focusing on ourselves.

Sit down and come up with a routine. Google self-care. Look on Pinterest for ideas. When you come up with your routine, don’t forget to make it apart of your schedule. Put it on your calendar. SCHEDULE IT. CALENDAR IT. TO DO LIST IT. STICK TO IT.

Remember, self-care should not be difficult.  Honey, if all you do, is take a weekly bubble bath, that’s awesome.  If soaking in your bathtub works for you-I’m here for it. Add some candles and relaxing music to help set a good relaxation mood. Set a weekly day and let everyone know (if you have anyone that stays with you). Let them know that on this day and at that time, you are not available because you will be taking care of yourself. Make it a priority. When others see that it is important to you, they tend to respect your time. Unless of course, we’re talking about our kids, then my suggestion to you-lock the door. 🙂

Try This

  • Exercise (Yes, exercising is part of good self-care) (there are plenty of youtube exercise videos to choose from)
    Read a book
    Meditate (Try some apps such as Calm or Stop, think and breathe)
  • 10 minutes of quiet
    Soak in the tub
    Pamper routine
    Journal using writing prompts
    Deep breathing
    Practice something you love
    Work on your hobby or develop one if you don’t have one
    Relax outside
    Unplug from social media
    Listen to an audiobook
    Listen to relaxing music
    Make a self-care playlist
    Cook your favorite meal (and use your best dishes)
    Write a letter to yourself (something uplifting to look at when you’re down)
    Write an uplifting letter to someone (Helping others will definitely make your feel good)
  • Write some poetry or a song
  • Listen to something funny, read some jokes, read some silly jokes with your kids


Once you develop your self-care routine, you will find yourself looking forward to it. Even if it’s just a few minutes a day, the overall benefits for your mind and body are tremendous. The point is to just do something. You are worth it.


Be essential to yourself by practicing self-care in your life.




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