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New Season, A Shift In You (October 2019 Monthly Motivation)

October signals a change. Summer ends and fall begins. Kids are getting back in the swing of things with school. October is the start of a different type of season and totally different feel. The weather starts to cool off and we really start to slow down on the previous month’s summer activities. We come to the realization that we only have a few months left in this year and that we probably want to make the best of them.

So being that October is a season of shift and change, what shifts and change can we implement in our lives and in our behaviors with OURSELVES to make a good transition for this month and for the rest of the year? Let’s talk about what this new season means for us and some suggestions for behavioral shifts that we can do to help us along the way.

New Season

So what exactly does a new season mean for us? Some let’s discuss some basics first. Weather-wise we know that things start to cool off and the outside goes through a beautiful physical change. Things such as the trees and the leaves start to look different. The sky starts to look different and the weather begins to feel a lot cooler and a little crisp. This is just a basic explanation of the transformation that we begin to notice in nature itself. We know that the shift is far greater than that.

If we think about ourselves in comparison to the weather, we want to make sure that we are making shifts and adjustments in our behaviors that will transform ourselves into a new season of us. Well, you may say what if I already have been going through a behavioral shift or have already made one? Good. The suggestion to you is, keep up the good work. Please remember though that just because you are making or have made one doesn’t mean that you stop there. If we look at nature as our example, nature is constantly making shifts and adjustments each year. So we need to remember to keep going, always be on the mindset that you can constantly work on making your attitude and behaviors better.

Making a Shift

Next, we need to discuss making our own personal shifts. So we can talk about making shifts in our lives all day, but what does that actually mean? Well, it can mean different things for different people. It depends on you and what you have going on in your personal life. You may want to consider ways that you can make improvements within your self. You may also think about what can improve in your home, within your family, your career. When you consider those things, you should ask yourself where you can make some needed shifts?

When we make shifts in our lives, we are moving things over a distance. So when we say making a shift, we are not talking about a huge task. We are talking about small changes that lead to big impacts. So what are some small shifts that we can consider making in our lives? Here are some examples of a few that we can think about;

Getting up earlier in the morning

Establishing a morning and night routine


House cleaning schedule

Personal reading schedule

Mental Health Day


Dedicating time to yourself each day

Eating dinner with family

Going outside for a walk for at least 5 minutes a day

Talking with a family member or close friend weekly

Calendar date night with spouse, kids and ourselves

Establishing a hobby

Start planning & budgeting for rest of year

Develop short term & long term goals

Refresh our home décor

Develop a savings plan

Sit down and talk with spouse/kids each morning/evening

Sit down and listen to our thoughts each day

Schedule brain breaks throughout the day

Develop a schedule (that we can stick to)

So, there are twenty examples of shifts that we can make in our life. As you can see, it doesn’t have to be something major or a total overhaul. A lot of times, we don’t put things in place to help ourselves because of fear of the work that has to go into. It doesn’t have to be that way. Just waking up ten minutes earlier in the morning could lead to a whole change in our day. Taking a day to do some meal prepping could help you gain hours throughout the week. Going outside and taking a brief walk, whether at home or at work, can have a drastic change in your overall mode. Big gains could come from small shifts.

So what should we remember about October? Think about the S’s. The new season should signal a shift within us. We should look for ways or improve ways that we can make small shifts in our life. They don’t have to be big ones and they don’t have to cost us any money. We just need to take the time to look at our life and see where we make some gains and consider what small shifts could help us get there.

“Just like the seasons, people have the ability to change”.

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