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March 2019

It’s March. Spring is almost here! The time has flown by. We are already 3 months into this year.

It’s time to reflect on where we are as far as our goals, resolutions, expectations and our visions. Have you been consistent with what you want to accomplish? Let’s reflect.

So in January’s motivation post, we talked about the New Year and how we need to ask ourselves some questions about our expectations for the New Year. We discussed how we need to answer those questions and put ourselves into motion for 2019. So, how are you doing?

3 months in is a good time to just take a quick evaluation into what we have or haven’t accomplished so far. It’s a good time to see if we’re even on the right road to success for what we want.


First, relook at your goals, resolutions, expectations, and visions. Once, you’ve done that, ask yourself some of these questions;

Have you been consistent with what you had set at the beginning of the year?

If you have, are there areas where you can improve? If you have not, where can adjustments be made to help you reach your goals/resolutions/expectations/visions?

Do you still have the same goals/resolutions/expectations/visions? Do you need to adjust your outlook for this year?

Are you putting yourself in a position to reach these goals/resolutions/expectations/visions?

Are you surrounding yourself with others that will have a positive impact on what you are trying to do?

What tools have you been using to assist you? Are they working? Do you need to use something different to help you?

Do you have an evaluation schedule? When will you regularly schedule to evaluate your progress?

These are just a few good reflection questions for us to look at as we reflect on what we’ve done so far in this year. I don’t know about you, but some things I’ve done well on and some things I’ve gotten sidetracked on. That’s okay. This is why we take the time to evaluate.

It’s important to evaluate so we can see where we are and where we aren’t. Where we’re going, need to go and where we need to refocus our travels.

Purposefully continue in your journey for this year.

“Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection.”-Mark Twain


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