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July 2019

Weather is nice. People are vacationing and BBQ is the everyday cuisine. It must be summer time.

It is summer time alright, July to be exact. We are seven full months in this year and we are moving right along. I have a question for you; how is your year thus far? Are you making progress with yourself?

Are you making good progress with the goals that you set for yourself earlier in the year? Is the vision that you set forth for yourself still clear? Are you being good to yourself by taking care of your health?

Being that we are over halfway in this year, those are definitely some things to consider. Let’s look at some quick points in regards to your goals, vision and your health. Hopefully, this monthly motivation for July will be a reminder to stay on point in your journey.




So you’ve made it this far in the year and by now you should have made so major moves, right? By now you should have made some accomplishments or you should have kept yourself consistent with whatever it is that you have been doing. Is this you where you are right now?

If your answer is yes and you are truly being honest, you are doing better than most people. Heck, you are doing better than me because no lie, I still have a lot to work on as far as being consistent. Nonetheless, if you find yourself struggling (don’t worry, most of us are) consider some of these points to get you back on track.


Reevaluate your goals and your behaviors. Now, I’m saying this with the complete thought in mind that you currently have short term and long term goals in place that you are trying to reach. If you do not have goals in place, I need you to stop right here and get to work on that first.  Short term goals will be ones that you can reach very quickly. Like within the next couple of weeks to months. Long term goals would be ones that take more time, like at least a year from now.

Are the behaviors that you are exhibiting in line with the goals that you want to achieve?  So, when I ask about your behaviors being in line, what I mean is, are you doing the things necessary to get you where you need to be. Is your daily attitude, work ethic, hustle, mental thoughts, and actions, are these in line with the goals that you have set forth for yourself?  If not, you need to revisit both and see if you can locate where the disconnect between the two is.

I don’t care how many goals you set for yourself if what you are doing personally as far as your own behaviors are not in line with the outcome (goals) that you want to reach, it ain’t gonna happen, partner.

Example: You say you want to lose weight. But, you do no exercise and you are a constant at Wendy’s getting the four for four (no shade, I love Wendy’s). IJS, those two behaviors, don’t line up with the goal you set.

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Analyze how far you’ve come and how far you have to go. Are you on track with your roadmap to success? Is your map clearly laid out or has it become overcrowded with too many detours and stops? Can you even see your destination point?

If your personal map points are not laid out or if they have become hard to see, you might need to make some edits to your map. Now, if you don’t even have a map or a vision for yourself, I need you to quickly get to work on that. ASAP.


How are you feeling? Is your overall mental and physical health in tack? Have you scheduled your annual appointments or wellness checkups? Are you investing time to exercise and do self-care?  I personally go to my annual doctor appointments in the summertime because I have a little time off. Whatever is on my mind, questions and concerns that I may have, I make sure to ask.

When is the last time you saw your doctor for a checkup that had nothing to do with you being sick? If you haven’t been good at attending to your health thus far in the year (physically and mentally), you probably need to start, real soon, like now.

July Motivation

So what’s the point? For July, it’s time to do a quick check and make sure that we are on a continued path to success. If we are not on the path, we need to either make a path or find the detour that we took and quickly get back on the road to our vision.

It is so easy to get caught up in time and each day passing by and not realize that we have lost clear sight of our goals, our vision, or that we have let our health go to the wayside.

Take a pause break and make sure you are still on track. If you haven’t made a track, don’t worry, you still have time to do so. Be essentially motivated in July to reach your goals.


The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score”.- Bill Copeland


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