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Inspiration from a Superhero Movie

So, today I went and did what all normal average people do…go watch a Marvel film. Of course, that film was Captain Marvel. As always, Marvel delivered a great film and now has given us yet another great character and it just so happens, it’s a woman.

As always, when I watch movies, I always have to break it down and dissect everything, but I enjoyed this film because it gave me some good positive inspiration that you may have missed while you were busy putting everything together for Avengers: Endgame. (The post-credits were good)

Before I go on with my thoughts, I will try not to give any spoilers, but I will be discussing certain aspects of the movie, so you have been warned.

Inspiration, Captain Marvel

  1. There’s always something inside of you

In the movie, Captain Marvel has to piece together her past to figure out her current reality in the movie. While that storyline has been told before, it made me think of how great our minds are that even if it seems that we forget, our minds will always find ways to work in our own behalf.

For example, even if you thought you had totally forgotten something, your mind may show flashes of a certain memory, or you may remember a certain phrase or a fragrance will take you to a certain occasion. This truly attests to how wonderful our mind is.

Question: Have you ever found yourself trying to make a decision and suddenly a certain memory, came to your mind and it was almost like instantly you knew what to do?

Thought: No matter how far you go or what you go through, home is always inside of you.

2.  True Friends will always show at the right time

When Captain Marvel arrives back on Earth, she has no idea who to trust and who not to trust. All she knows is she has a mission and that she is there to do it. In walks everyone’s favorite S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Nick Fury.

Fury proves to be a vital person in the movie, but at first, Marvel did not know whether to trust him or not. In due time, she realizes (and he does as well) that they both are for what is right and start to trust and work together. This is also around the time that she starts to figure out that certain people that have been around her are not as ‘true’ as she thought.

Question: Have you ever found yourself in a situation when you didn’t know who was being honest and who wasn’t? Has it ever been difficult to know who your real friends were and who wasn’t?

Thought: At times, it may be difficult to know who you can trust, but in due time, true friends will always be there for you. True friends will always show up right on time.

3. It’s never too late to make a change

As Captain Marvel starts to find out more and more, she realizes that she might need to make a change, a change to be on the right side of justice (so cliché, I know). Even though this change might make it difficult for her and for others, she makes the change.

Question: Have you ever found yourself on the wrong side of an issue? Did you find out that you were wrong or that the people you were associated with were wrong?

Thought: No matter how much it hurts, wrong is wrong. But, something worse than that, is staying wrong, after you KNOW it’s wrong. It is never wrong to do the right thing and to fix your mistakes.

4. What makes us weak makes us strong

Probably my favorite part of the movie is when Captain Marvel taps into her true power and starts kicking some serious butt. Like seriously, I could have gotten up and given that part a serious round of applause (I probably would have gotten the side eye from many). To me, it was a true girl power (sorry guys) scene, when different stages in her life, flashes in her mind. These experiences give her the needed ammunition to realize that yes she has her flaws, but that is what makes her strong. Yes, she may fail but, she will get right back up.

Question: Have you ever gotten upset because somebody always has to point out a weakness of yours or something about you that they don’t like it? Does it make you mad when people tell you all the things you are or everything you are not?

Thought: Nobody’s perfect. Everything about you is not going to rub everyone the right way.  Recognize and acknowledge your flaws and then build on them.

Now, I know you all may be like, how in the world did she see that from a superhero movie?  Hey, I’m strange like that. But, I love finding different aspects of things and link them back to things others can relate to.


Something I miss? Did you see an awe-inspiring scène? Leave your comments down below.

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