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December 2018 (Monthly Motivation)

It’s the last month in the year. December 2018. Time goes by so fast and yet again we are about to journey into a new year. This is around the time that people start to put together their new year’s resolutions, all the things that they want to accomplish in the new year. They think about what’s different they can start out doing come January 1st. This is also around the time where people start to think about all the many fails 2018 provided and how many of their 2018 resolutions they actually kept and saw all the way through.

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Beautiful Fall leaves in December.

This time of year is funny to me because it’s like so many people forgot their resolutions by February, only to be reminded of them in December, only to then set those same resolutions again or to think of some new ones. Can someone say, insanity?


I know that I am like so many in that I have all these wonderful hopes and goals for the new year when it rolls around. I have these things that I really in my heart of hearts set out to do. Exercise, start that new endeavor, be fearless, etc.., but does it really happen?  


When reality sets in as I thought about this year, it wasn’t a bad year, but it wasn’t a great year either. I can right off the top of my head, think of things that I know I said I was going to do, but I didn’t.  So I find myself somewhat disappointed in the progress that I have made. I’m not saying that I didn’t accomplish anything this year, I’m just saying that I didn’t accomplish quite as much as I know that I should have or could have and that realization pains me more than anything.


What about you? Did you set out and complete all (or at least some) of the goals that you set months ago when we started 2018? Was it an overall good year for you or were there some things that could have been better? Did you ‘live your best life’ or were you wishing for your best life?


Of course, each of us must answer not only those few questions but many more to try to half reach our potential in 2019. But, if I might make a suggestion, before you sit down and start to write out your fabulous new year resolutions for next month, take this month to do an honest evaluation of this year.


Ask yourself:

What worked?  

What didn’t work?

What did you do and what did you not do and why?

If there was anything that could have made this year better, what would it have been?

What would you change or leave the same?

Are you the same person now in December 2018 that you were in January 2018 ? (heads up, you shouldn’t be).


The point is not to look down on this year as a giant disappointment, but to look at your gains and to look at your loses. This is the time to celebrate your positives and to readjust your negatives.  Really evaluate in what areas you can make improvements in the new year. Don’t just set up resolutions because it’s the thing to do or because your bestie is doing it. Start to think about goals that are worth your while. Things that you can really accomplish in the new year. Take December to truly set your path for the new year.


“To make an end is to make a beginning”. -T.S. Eliot

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