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    3 Behaviors You Need to Change

    Have you ever thought to yourself after doing something, why did I do that? I know I have. If I’m honest, I think this thought a lot. (every day, at least once an hour, you get my point)  But, how many times do we really examine what behaviors we are doing, that have us thinking this way? If you’re like me, you think the thought, and then you move on. You don’t always examine the thought. You don’t really make any changes. So, what are some behaviors that we could be possibly doing that could lead us to that thought? Why did I do that? Better yet, what are some…

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    Who are You?

    Who are you? This was a question raised in a post called Behavior Questions. In that post was a series of questions that we can ask ourselves to identify certain behaviors. The question, who are you, is my favorite out of all of those questions due to the depth of it. So let’s explore that question, why it’s important and how we can try to answer it.  The Question. Who are you? I was visiting a relative of mine a couple of months ago and we went to a women’s luncheon. The main speaker had us do an activity where we paired up with another person and talked, but then at…

  • Transform Your Thoughts

    Transform Your Thoughts

    I have a question for you, have you been transformed? No, I’m not talking about transformers (even though I love those guys). But, have you transformed your mind while you are on your journey? Have you made a shift or a transformation in your thinking to help support your efforts? Why is transforming your thinking important to your success? Let’s discuss this for March’s Monthly Motivation.   We all want to be successful and hopefully, as this year progresses, if we have not already, I hope we start to see some sort of success. But your success is only going to be temporary if you have not made some sort of…

  • Behavior Questions

    Behavior Questions

    Everybody is different. For the most part that is a statement that everyone can agree on. Now, there are some of us that have similar traits about us and we seem to get along with others better than some. Then there are some of us, who just can’t seem to get along at all. Have you ever really wondered why? Why do some of us get along better with others? I have another question for you. What is behavior? Behavior can be defined as the way one acts or conducts themselves, especially towards others. Can behavior affect how others get along? Does behavior have anything to do with how we…

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    New Season, A Shift In You (October 2019 Monthly Motivation)

    October signals a change. Summer ends and fall begins. Kids are getting back in the swing of things with school. October is the start of a different type of season and totally different feel. The weather starts to cool off and we really start to slow down on the previous month’s summer activities. We come to the realization that we only have a few months left in this year and that we probably want to make the best of them. So being that October is a season of shift and change, what shifts and change can we implement in our lives and in our behaviors with OURSELVES to make a…

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    Consistency (How the 3 C’s Can Lead To You Being More Consistent)

    Consistency. It’s an easy word to talk about, but not an easy word to carry out. I myself struggle with this word, big time. It seems like despite my best efforts and somewhat sustainable attempts, I am never truly consistent. This is even though, deep in my setting goals soul, that I truly want to be consistent. Why though, can’t I, you, or anyone else, not be truly consistent despite our willingness to be? Because even though we may have good intentions, it is sometimes hard to carry things out, even though we know that they need to be done. Are there things in your day to day, personal life…