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    30 Reasons Why You Need to Declutter

    It’s Springtime. What does Spring bring? Spring cleaning, that’s what. Everyone is talking about cleaning and the buzz word right now is decluttering. With the popularity of Marie Kondo’s book, decluttering is on an all time rise. But, how do you know that it may be time to clean out some of your things or better yet, to declutter? Check out this list of 30 reasons why you may need to declutter. I am sure we can add several more reasons, but this will give you a good personal start. **This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase something from this page, I may receive a small percentage of the…

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    Things I Learned From Moving

    For the last couple of weeks, my life has been going through a whirlwind. You see, we decided to get another house therefore, the last couple of weeks has been us going through a big move. Moving is never easy and I knew that it wouldn’t be. But still, the move seemed and still seems to be a whole lot harder than I thought it would be. I have ended up learning some things that I didn’t know before.   I might be somewhat of a hoarder Saturday nights and you could find me watching Hoarders intently as I shake my head earnestly trying to figure out why these people…

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    Easy Chicken Fajitas

    Chicken Fajitas. What could be better than those words together?  Easy Chicken Fajitas. Now, that’s better.   A while back I found a recipe that made making chicken fajitas real easy. So, I take no credit for coming up with this recipe, but I love it so much that I wanted to share it and put my own spin on it.  Ingredients: Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts (thawed out)  Fajita Seasoning Pepper & Onion Frozen Pack (PictSweet Farms is a good one) Oil (optional)   Mix together your fajita seasoning according to the package. Usually, it will have you mix the packet along with water and oil.  Lay out your chicken…

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    House Hunting-What I’ve Learned So Far

    I will admit it. I am an undercover house hunter. I have been for several years. By this, I mean, I have had real estate apps downloaded on my phone and tablet for years. I have been looking at houses in our area, for years. I have been the one person that has probably automatically known the selling price of houses in our area, FOR YEARS. Crazy, right? Why would a person know all of this if they are  not really house hunting? I have no idea. Call it a sick obsession of me. Nonetheless I like looking at houses, comparing houses and I am an absolute lover of House Hunters, Love…