• Summer Regrets

    Summer Regrets

    Summer. Summer is the time when people take off from work, go on vacations and spend more time with their family. Summer time is when there is more daylight outside and the temperature beckons you to spend more time outdoors. Sadly, summer is almost over. It seems that as soon as it comes, it leaves us even quicker. But, what happens when summer is over and you look back on it, with some regret? Well, I definitely have some summer regrets for this year. Being that I work in Education, I have a good amount of time that I have off during the summer. You would think that I would use this time wisely. Well, this year…

  • teen, teen driving contract

    Teen Driving Contract

    Teenage drivers. That phrase is enough to send you into cardiac arrest.  It’s enough to make you realize that this day came faster than you thought it would and that you probably didn’t prepare.   Why Why did I decide to do a teen driving contract? Questions, my friend, questions. I started to really question myself to death with overbearing wonderment. Have you ever asked yourself these questions in regards to your teen driver?… Does he/ she know everything that they need to know? What will happen if they get pulled over? What will they do if their friend asks them to do something in the car that they shouldn’t? What…