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    How to make this year different

    January 2020 January 2020 is here and of course and we are moving right along into this month and now we only have a few days left in it. It’s crazy how time flies and then you are left but to wonder how it goes so fast. We are officially past the happy new year’s and all the excitement and back to the everyday grind. While I know some are still being consistent with their gym goals and healthy eating goals (I am one of them), I know some of you have already jumped that ship a long time ago (just saying). Be it as it may, we still have…

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    New Season, A Shift In You (October 2019 Monthly Motivation)

    October signals a change. Summer ends and fall begins. Kids are getting back in the swing of things with school. October is the start of a different type of season and totally different feel. The weather starts to cool off and we really start to slow down on the previous month’s summer activities. We come to the realization that we only have a few months left in this year and that we probably want to make the best of them. So being that October is a season of shift and change, what shifts and change can we implement in our lives and in our behaviors with OURSELVES to make a…

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    To Increase-August 2019

    Well, it’s here; August has arrived and it’s in full swing. This is the month where people may start to realize that summer is close to being over. Some families may still be vacationing and some are bringing their vacations to a close.  This is also around the time when millions of students either go back to school or are starting to prepare for school. Around the time that August comes, many people think about the decrease in certain things. They start to realize that things such as vacations mentioned above are coming to an end. They also start to think about how we only have four months left in…

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    Yes Men

    Have you ever taken a close look at the people who you are surrounding yourself with? Are they people that tell you the truth? Or are they people that tell you exactly what you want to hear? If you find yourself constantly only hearing what you want to hear from your friends, family, and associates, you may have a case of being around a bunch of ‘yes men’. Yes men is a simple concept. This means that you have a bunch of people around that are only going to tell you good things.  Or the things that you want to hear. Essentially they always tell you ‘yes’, even when the…

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    July 2019

    Weather is nice. People are vacationing and BBQ is the everyday cuisine. It must be summer time. It is summer time alright, July to be exact. We are seven full months in this year and we are moving right along. I have a question for you; how is your year thus far? Are you making progress with yourself? Are you making good progress with the goals that you set for yourself earlier in the year? Is the vision that you set forth for yourself still clear? Are you being good to yourself by taking care of your health? Being that we are over halfway in this year, those are definitely…

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    30 Reasons Why You Need to Declutter

    It’s Springtime. What does Spring bring? Spring cleaning, that’s what. Everyone is talking about cleaning and the buzz word right now is decluttering. With the popularity of Marie Kondo’s book, decluttering is on an all time rise. But, how do you know that it may be time to clean out some of your things or better yet, to declutter? Check out this list of 30 reasons why you may need to declutter. I am sure we can add several more reasons, but this will give you a good personal start. **This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase something from this page, I may receive a small percentage of the…

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    Inspiration from a Superhero Movie

    So, today I went and did what all normal average people do…go watch a Marvel film. Of course, that film was Captain Marvel. As always, Marvel delivered a great film and now has given us yet another great character and it just so happens, it’s a woman. As always, when I watch movies, I always have to break it down and dissect everything, but I enjoyed this film because it gave me some good positive inspiration that you may have missed while you were busy putting everything together for Avengers: Endgame. (The post-credits were good) Before I go on with my thoughts, I will try not to give any spoilers,…

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    March 2019

    It’s March. Spring is almost here! The time has flown by. We are already 3 months into this year. It’s time to reflect on where we are as far as our goals, resolutions, expectations and our visions. Have you been consistent with what you want to accomplish? Let’s reflect. So in January’s motivation post, we talked about the New Year and how we need to ask ourselves some questions about our expectations for the New Year. We discussed how we need to answer those questions and put ourselves into motion for 2019. So, how are you doing? 3 months in is a good time to just take a quick evaluation…

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    Things I Learned From Moving

    For the last couple of weeks, my life has been going through a whirlwind. You see, we decided to get another house therefore, the last couple of weeks has been us going through a big move. Moving is never easy and I knew that it wouldn’t be. But still, the move seemed and still seems to be a whole lot harder than I thought it would be. I have ended up learning some things that I didn’t know before.   I might be somewhat of a hoarder Saturday nights and you could find me watching Hoarders intently as I shake my head earnestly trying to figure out why these people…

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    5 Things That Help Make My Life Easier

    Life. Life is so many things. It’s busy, fast-paced, hectic and so many other things that would take too long to name. But, when you have an opportunity to make it just a little bit easier, it’s worth it. There are a few things that I have found that have been helping make my life a little bit easier and might help you as well.   Wake Up Early I am not a morning person by far. I much rather stay up late and do all the things that I need to do at night.  But, I have learned through age and experience, that waking up early gives me a…