Edssentials was an idea based off of life, education, and things that are essential. From those 3 small but truly big concepts, Edssentials was born. As time has gone on, the delivery of the message has grown and evolved, but those big 3 haven’t changed.


Learning is essential to every facet of life. Being motivated and inspired is essential as well. What better way to get all of those than by reading posts that are designed to do just that. Edssentials posts are designed to give some sort of learning factor while trying to give you some good old fashioned inspiration in the process.


Edssentials focuses on coaching concepts that focus on your behaviors and your personality. What makes you, well you. Sometimes even though we try, we have trouble really getting to our true authentic self. So, that’s what we focus on, helping you uncover and learn essential concepts to help you be, a better you.


My name is Elissha and I came up with the idea of Edssentials. Life education that is essential.  Being life educated is different from the stuff they use to teach us in class. I think we can all admit that there are a lot of things about just everyday life that we wish someone would have told us. Especially when it comes to being a better us. That’s what I wished. As an educator, I value teaching people, but I recognize sometimes we miss teaching what could really make a difference in a person’s everyday life. As a school counselor, I know that we are missing teaching some of “life’s teachable moments “. I see it all the time. It’s hard to learn when you are at odds with yourself and/or others. As a person, I know it is hard to manage your life when your home is a wreck. It’s hard to be your best at work when your best just ain’t working. So, why not talk about it. Why not, write about it. That became my desire and the creation of this website was born. Along the way of developing this idea, I came across a program that made sense with everything I knew. It matched my background with schooling in Psychology and Education. It made sense with my training in becoming a Certified School Counselor. It also made sense to me as a mom, a wife and as an individual.  So I loved it so much, I went through the program and got coached. I loved it even more that I became certified in the program to be able to help others as well. That’s the short version of how this came about. 


So what’s the endgame of all of this? The endgame is to talk and discuss life essentials that deal with how we all can be just a little bit better for ourselves first and then for others second. It’s not to be perfect, it’s not to always be right or be better than anyone else. It’s just to be essentially better than we were yesterday.



Stick around, look around, I hope you enjoy the site!

Stay Essential