Hello! I am Elissha. I am the creator of this little website,  Edssentials. I am glad that you stopped by to check it out. 

A little about me….

I am a true Southern girl at heart. Always have been. Always will be.

I love to read.

If you put  me at my favorite place in the world (the beach) with a book, I’m in heaven.

I have always been a writer.

I was the girl in class who couldn’t wait to read her story on Friday, a story that included all the weekly spelling words and included all my classmates, who I put in funny scenarios. (My stories were always a hit)

I love to learn.

As my aunt says: “That girl has spent her whole life in school”.

I am an Educator at heart.

I love to be taught, I love to  teach and I love to counsel. (That’s evident since I’m a School Counselor, LOL)


Why did I start Edssentials?

Writing is a passion of mine.

I have always loved to write and share my ideas.

Having something to call my own.

I have always wanted to be able to start something that was truly mine and to share it with others.

Always thinking of something.

When you come up with as much crazy stuff as I do, you need an outlet. 

Working past fear.

Sometimes you just have to go out there and do it to break loose of your fears. 


Where did you get the name Edssentials?

Take an educator who is essentially so many things wrapped up in one….that’s what started the name (not to mention, I got tired of trying to think up one).


What can you expect from Edssentials?


Anything that happens to do with inspiring others, will be shared here.


Life happens and sometimes we need to be able to discuss it and see it from different perspectives. That’s Edssentials’ goal.


From textbook to everyday life, it will be shared and explored.


Overall, Edssentials is a place for everyday folk who just want some inspiration in their everyday lives.


Stick around, look around, I hope you enjoy the site!

Stay Essential