• Wellness

    Now is the Time for Self-Care

    During this time of self-isolating, self-care is important. Really, self-care is important all the time. It should be something that we are incorporating into our life on a regular basis.  If you have never looked into doing a self-care routine, now might be the best time ever. Why Why should you engage in self-care? Because it’s good for you, that’s…

  • Monthly Motivation

    100 Days Can Make a Difference

    None of us (for the most part) likes being told what to do. Especially if what they are telling us is not what we want to do or it hinders us from doing what we need (want) to do.  That is the situation all of us are in right now. We all, for the most part, could have never imagined…

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    3 Behaviors You Need to Change

    Have you ever thought to yourself after doing something, why did I do that? I know I have. If I’m honest, I think this thought a lot. (every day, at least once an hour, you get my point)  But, how many times do we really examine what behaviors we are doing, that have us thinking this way? If you’re like…

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    Who are You?

    Who are you? This was a question raised in a post called Behavior Questions. In that post was a series of questions that we can ask ourselves to identify certain behaviors. The question, who are you, is my favorite out of all of those questions due to the depth of it. So let’s explore that question, why it’s important and how…

  • Transform Your Thoughts

    Transform Your Thoughts

    I have a question for you, have you been transformed? No, I’m not talking about transformers (even though I love those guys). But, have you transformed your mind while you are on your journey? Have you made a shift or a transformation in your thinking to help support your efforts? Why is transforming your thinking important to your success? Let’s…

  • Behavior Questions

    Behavior Questions

    Everybody is different. For the most part that is a statement that everyone can agree on. Now, there are some of us that have similar traits about us and we seem to get along with others better than some. Then there are some of us, who just can’t seem to get along at all. Have you ever really wondered why?…

  • Monthly Motivation

    How to make this year different

    January 2020 January 2020 is here and of course and we are moving right along into this month and now we only have a few days left in it. It’s crazy how time flies and then you are left but to wonder how it goes so fast. We are officially past the happy new year’s and all the excitement and…

  • Monthly Motivation

    To Increase-August 2019

    Well, it’s here; August has arrived and it’s in full swing. This is the month where people may start to realize that summer is close to being over. Some families may still be vacationing and some are bringing their vacations to a close.  This is also around the time when millions of students either go back to school or are…

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    Yes Men

    Have you ever taken a close look at the people who you are surrounding yourself with? Are they people that tell you the truth? Or are they people that tell you exactly what you want to hear? If you find yourself constantly only hearing what you want to hear from your friends, family, and associates, you may have a case…